Our Story

Since 1984

For the Love of Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee is magical. It can energize, inspire, or comfort, prompt reflection, unite friends, even make your day.

Since 1984, our passion for exceptional coffee and tea has been the heart of what we do. Even as we’ve grown, we’ve held onto the simple joy inspired by that perfect cup—and vowed to make your everyday moments that much better.

Tampa Roots

We opened our first location in Tampa as one of the first specialty roasters in the state. When people tried our coffee, they knew they’d sipped something special—and they wanted it in their restaurants, their offices, and their homes.

We’re still based in Tampa, the city we love; but now we’re sharing the joy of Joffrey’s far and wide, with fans all around the world.

Meet The Roastmaster

Here to Make Great Coffee

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science—a balancing act of countless complexities.

Blending decades of experience with endless curiosity, Chris de Mezzo has mastered that balancing act. As our Roastmaster, he’s the innovative force behind 100+ coffee varieties. Every day, he channels his passion toward a single goal: to make every cup of Joffrey’s absolutely exceptional.

Sourcing Perfection

To achieve a truly superior coffee, we start with the best ingredients. That means we exclusively purchase Specialty Grade Arabica beans—an elite designation achieved by less than 10% of Arabica beans produced in the world.

Equally important are the relationships we’ve built with the people growing our coffee beans. United by our shared passion, we work with our growers year after year, partners in pursuit of the perfect cup..

The Art of the Roast

Whether we’re roasting the millionth batch of our beloved House Blend or experimenting with a brand-new creation, we hold our coffee to extremely high standards. We’re committed to small-batch roasting, made to order, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness for you to enjoy.

Made For

Inspiring Creativity

Coffee is our art form—so to capture the essence of each blend for our packaging, we turned to seven talented illustrators in six countries. Their award-winning visuals communicate the vibrant flavors, diverse origins, and creative spirit of Joffrey’s coffee. We hope they inspire you, too.

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