Tusker House
Tusker House
Disney Specialty Coffee Collection

Tusker House

Tusker House is blended with some of our favorite single origin, 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans, then roasted to a dark brown hue. Full and robust aroma with hints of chocolate and caramel with a subtle smoky finish.
Weight:16.0 oz

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Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort

Roastmaster Exclusive Blend For

Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort

This blend is as full of flavor as the overflowing Tusker House buffets you'll experience morning, noon and night. Its robust aroma and smoky finish make it an excellent compliment to the spit-roasted meats, savory samosas and spicy Tandoori. Its caramel and choclate notes also make it a perfect compliment to the seemingly endless assortment of muffins, breads, cobblers and pastries.

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