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Joffrey's Single Origin Coffees


Joffrey's Single Origin Coffees

At Joffrey's, Single Origin coffees hold a special place in our hearts.Since 1984, our Roastmasters have searched the globe in pursuit of only the top beans for our origin coffees. We look for coffees that have something that really stands out about them. Sometimes it can be a microlot, and sometimes a single farm. Always 100% pure and never blended, for the truest expression of the origin from where the beans are grown.From familiar favorite growing regions such as Colombia, Sumatra and Costa Rica, to the delectable Hawaiian Kona and microlots from Costa Rica and Ethiopia, we offer an origin for every coffee drinker.But what's the difference between a blend, single origin and microlot? Learn more below:
  • Blends: A coffee blend is a blend of coffees from different places - either from different countries or even different regions - such as a South American blend featuring coffees from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. Blends take the best qualities from different coffees and bring them together for an enjoyable cup.
  • Single Origin: Single origin coffee is just that - coffee that is from only place. The coffee is grown in one region or country, then labeled as such.
  • Microlot: Microlot coffee is coffee that is grown and produced on a single farm, during a single harvest and sometimes even from a specific area on the farm. Microlot coffees are traceable and therefore the roaster and the drinker know the exact altitude which the coffee was grown, the region, the varietal and the processing type.
Looking to try some of Joffrey's single origin coffees and microlots? Shop them here.

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