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Introducing The Riviera Resort Blend

Coffee Creativity Disney Parks & Resorts

Introducing The Riviera Resort Blend

Introducing the Riviera Resort Blend, the latest addition to the Disney Specialty Coffee Collection!


Developed by our Head Roastmaster Chris De Mezzo in collaboration with Disney Chefs, the Riviera Resort Blend combines beans from Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica and Kenya, to create a sweet and smoky profile with a rich aroma.  This specialty coffee was created for guests to enjoy at Disney’s Riviera Resort, a Disney Vacation Club Resort. Transport to the elegance and glamour of the Riviera Resort with every sip.

Now available for purchase on JOFFREYS.COM!
Q: What sparked the creation of this blend?

A: We were approached by Beverage Innovation Team at Disney and were asked to come up with a signature blend for the new resort.

Q: What inspired you when creating this blend?

A: We wanted to create a coffee that was unique and would make a statement - something you could only get at the Riviera Resort.

Q: What makes this blend special and different from others that Joffrey's has created?

A: This is a beautiful coffee - dark roasted and featuring Indonesian, Costa Rican and African beans, some of my favorite coffee-producing regions. The coffee is unique, complex and multi-dimensional, with a robust smokiness and nice and smooth finish.

Q: What will Joffrey's and Disney fans think of while enjoying this coffee?

A: While sitting at the resort drinking this coffee, guests will be able to look out at the property and savor a delicious cup of coffee. If enjoying away from the resort, guests can get the whole experience with each and every sip. I don't like to brag, but this is something I'm really proud of - I think guests will enjoy!

Join Roastmaster Chris & learn more about the Disney Specialty Coffee Collection!

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