Captain's Blend

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Captain's Blend

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still remains my most favored coffee ever no acidity in flavor and a touch of a beautiful flat but perked nearcaramelized roundness very unique flavor that is hard to describe which few gourmet coffees almost touch but the Captains Blend corners perfectly. This blend is perfectly balanced unforgettable and truly worthy of being called the Captains Blend Ill take this over any other
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This medium-roast heightens the intensity of the 100% Arabica blend offers a fantastic richness to savor from the Central American beans, the fruitiness of the African beans and just when you thought that was as aromatic as it gets, our roastmaster adds in an Indonesian bean that provides that silky finsh. The finish lingers like a slow sunset. And the aroma? Well, let’s just say it was made for the trade winds. 
$14.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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